Is Instagram Spy App Helpful In Breaking Off Sexting Habit Of Teenagers?

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Instagram Spy App

An 18-month study revealed some shocking facts according to The study showed that there is 200% increase in a reported case on the famous social media platform the Instagram that target and involve child abuse. It can all start with a fake identity on social media platforms as anyone can disguise themselves as a teenager and become friends with your kid. The next step can be a trustworthy relationship exchange of photos, some rare and intimate photos and now your kid is in the direct target of blackmailing and harassment.

Sending sext messages among teenagers is very common these days. It s a way to show close relationships. Even your sext message can be forwarded and forwarded again many times without your consent or even without your knowledge. The latest features like auto vanishing text messages or only one-time appearance features offered by famous social media platforms for the sake of privacy encourage teenagers more to share such material with online friends. As they think it is completely safe and will disappear from the chat and have no record on the receiver end device. But the naïve kids don’t imagine that there is always a way for sick mind people to save these pictures in one way or another.

If you think your child has the bad habit of sexting or the opposite he/she may be the victim of online harassment or bullying then you can confirm your fears either way by using an Instagram spy app. All you need to do is trust the technology and install a spy app like OgyMogy that offers social media monitoring features. 

Instagram Spy App:

Instagram spy app by OgyMogy is your good-to-go app that offers an excellent feature for parents and employers. Yes, you can even monitor your employees as well through the company-owned device and keep a check on the online activities remotely.

Posts Update Report:

The Instagram spy app reports the parents about every post update of the target teen. In case they are sharing more revealing photos, or any other sensitive content the spy app will let you know right away and you can take action immediately. Make sure you have a good chat with your kid about online harassment and bullying and how personal content sharing on public platforms can hurt them in the future. 

Secret Remote Access to Chat Box:

Remote access to the chatbox can tell you a lot more authentic things about your teenager than you know. It is like what is going on in their heart and mind. Teenager usually shares secrets openly share personal content in the chatbox thinking that may maybe there is no way out for the media or text message outside that particular chatbox.  You have to make sure your kid does not trust blindly every online friend and share personal content. The Instagram spy app will let you read every text message and report to you about any photo or video shared through the Instagram monitoring app. If your teen is sending or receiving text messages then maybe it’s time to have a serious one-to-one talk with them. You can even let them know about the spy app to make them alert about any bad habits.

Record of Disappeared Content:

The Instagram spy app helps the parents know about the disappeared content from the teenager’s profile as well. If your teen is updating unethical stories or getting rid of private text message records from the device, no need to worry. The OgyMogy spy app keeps the record with all the details.

The feature is very useful in case you are fighting with a possible abuser or sexual offender. They may get rid of the proof from their devices but you can have the chat record in its original state saved by the OgyMogy spy app.

Other social media monitoring features offered by spy apps include FaceBook spy App,  Snapchat Spy app, Line spy app, Whatsapp spy app, Viber spy app, and more. We can’t just completely forget or avoid social media platforms completely while living in this century. So it’s about time to check the backup plans like the use of social media monitoring features and spy app to confront social issues.

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