How to Have an Internet Free Quality Time

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We often feel disconnected from our inner selves and our lives are filled with chaos and anxiety. This is all because we never take out time to enjoy ourselves, and honestly, life is all about enjoying it. So, read along and find ways to enjoy yourself without the interruption of any internet in your life. 

Read the Daily Paper

Reading the daily paper increases your overall knowledge and keeps you updated with the world. This way you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the internet scrolling instead of increasing your knowledge. Reading the daily paper helps you develop a reading habit and keeps your up to date with the current world affairs. It is healthy because when you read the paper in the morning instead of having a screen before your eyes you stay healthier. While the world completely relies on the internet and screens, it is time we need to take breaks from them for the sake of our health. 


A good way to have an internet free quality time by ourselves or with someone we love is to bake. Baking together with people or by ourselves is very therapeutic and many people’s love language. The next time you feel like having some internet free quality time, bake something good and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Take what you made to your loved ones. You can bake anything from brownies to a pizza, whatever you feel like. So, be creative and get baking.

Watch TV

While TV is also a screen technically, it still gets many educational and super interesting programs that you never knew existed. If you get a Satellite TV, you get more number of channels in a good print. So, find the best Satellite TV providers at BuyTVInternetPhone and get your Satellite TV Service now to watch those super interesting shows uninterrupted and without internet. These shows are interesting and you never know how many shows you will find that will match your interests. 


One of the best ways to have some quality time alone, away from screens is to read books. Get books of your favorite genres and read them before bed. Getting off the phone or any kind of screens one hour before bed is very important for good sleep. If you want to have quality sleep, get off the screens and start reading because reading has ensured people good quality sleep. Often the major reason for us to feel anxious while sleeping is that our brains are still functioning because of those screens so even though we have slept we feel like we haven’t. While reading books takes us at peace naturally, so sleeping after reading is the best. 


This is one the most therapeutic things to do when you get your time off your phone. Growing plants and taking care of them every day is also a love language, it keeps you and your plants healthy. Having plants and greenery around is very important as it makes you feel at peace and keeps you healthy. Gardening is the best way to spend some quality and meaningful time of your day. 


When you want to have some quality time, what is better than being a little creative. Well, every art is good art, so get those paints and play with the colors. It is super healing to make art when a person is going through chaos. It has proven to help people with anxiety, stress and depression. If you suffer any of these issues, this is the best thing to do in your free time, and remember to keep that cell phone away. So, play some good music, get those brushes, and paint the anxiety away. 


One more thing that has proven to be good for people with stress, anxiety and depression is meditation exercises. We never realise how much our cellular devices and use of internet put us in a stressful situation, and we get anxious. To beat that anxiety, people leave their phones aside, and meditate. You meditate alone and have a quality time alone, and you can also meditate in groups and have some good time with people who meditate with you. Meditation spreads positive energy around you, which keeps you and the ones around you positive for the day. This should be your go to routine exercise if you want to stay positive. 

You can spend good quality time by yourself or with your loved ones. All the above-mentioned ways of quality time are rewarding and creative, and you will have a good time away from your phones and internet for the while, in fact, you will not miss your phones at all. So, make a routine and take out time from every day to spend some time away from your internet devices. 

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