How to Minimize Compulsive Shopping

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How to Minimize Compulsive Shopping

Everyone has heard of emotional eating. There is also emotional shopping. In moderation, neither will do much harm, but if one indulges in excess, the consequences will be sad in both cases. I offer you 13 ways to deal with “riotous” shopping: 

This Is Your Choice

Remember that when buying this or that item of a toilet, you make a conscious choice. Items of clothing don’t jump off the hanger and beg you to pick them up at home with you. Before making the step of buying, you have to keep several questions in mind 


“Does the price match the quality?”

“What if I don’t buy it?”

“Which of what I already have can serve as a replacement?”

 “Am I 90 percent sure about this item to buy it?” 

Restrict Marketing and Ad Buzz

When we are constantly under ads companies’ influence and are dictated what we should have and bombarded with beautiful pictures of the latest, amazing and shiny products, we start getting convinced that these are the things we really need. The simplest thing you can do is to unsubscribe from store mailing lists. 

Go Shopping With a List

The main reason for the phrase “I have nothing to wear” is the possession of clothes that do not match with each other (three skirts, but no blouses). Review your wardrobe, determine exactly what things you are missing and add them to the shopping list. Do not allow yourself to buy things not from the list. 

Determine the Budget for Purchases

You can completely abandon purchases, but the likelihood of a breakdown is high. So, the most reasonable alternative for you would be to earmark a certain amount of money for purchases, and stick to it. 

Take a break

It’s like decluttering a house: put a thing in a box -> put it out of sight -> if after two months you don’t remember about the box with things, throw the box away without looking into it. Make an effort today – get out of the store and see if you remember this super-cool thing tomorrow. 

Ask yourself the right question

“Am I making a purchase because of the desire to become/seem to be someone else.” One note on the site of our favorite blogger – and we already think that we can’t live without a product that we haven’t heard about an hour ago! Our mistake is that we can take the desires of others for our own and not pay attention to what we need. 

Avoid Sales

To change your approach to discount shopping, look at the process of filling your closet the same way you would the process of accumulating in your savings account. Buying something at a discount does not necessarily mean that you have made a good investment. There are many sorts of spring cleaning marathons: on decluttering things, digital decluttering, creating a capsule wardrobe, mental decluttering and others. Go check them.

Make Your Purchases As Conscious As Possible

 If you can’t resist buying a thing, think about what you can wear it with. Buy if you have at least three looks in your head with this item (i.e., if you understand that you can wear the blouse you like with the jeans, trousers and skirt you have). 

The Purchase of Excess Clothing and Accessories Often indicates Inner Dissatisfaction

By emptying the mall, we hope that this dissatisfaction will disappear – and it does (albeit for a short period of time). One of the most useful ways to combat shopping cravings is to switch to something else at the right time: hang out with friends, play sports, write in a diary, watch a movie, or take a bubble bath. Distractions vary from person to person, and it’s worth taking the time to find the one that’s right for you. 

What Comes Next? 

Before the next spontaneous purchase, think about the life of the item and its further disposal. If you like to declutter from time to time, think about whether this thing will end up in the next bag of unused garbage. 

Go Shopping Alone

Our mothers, sisters , girlfriends can impose certain clothes on us – say what suits us, based on their personal preferences and purchasing power. By giving money for a thing that you are not sure about, you run the risk of never wearing it. 

Don’t make Friends With Sales Assistants

Their main task is to sell you a product. They will easily say that this crimson gray dress with blue stripes suits you, if only you take it to the checkout. If you want to save your money, know how to say “no” to salespeople and leave the store with your head held high and empty-handed. If you want to get more money, take your chance on, where you have access to tons of casino games using crypto money. 

After Returning Home, Try On the Thing Again

Remember – you have time during which the item can be returned to the store. Do not neglect this opportunity! Share in the comments your ways to avoid impulse buying!

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