15 Cool Google Tricks That You’d Love to Know

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For a big a part of Internet customers, Google is an imperative a part of life. We use the Google seek engine each day to fulfill our unquenchable starvation for knowledge.

So how approximately we take a spoil from that and examine a few hidden Google hints, amusing searches, and video games that Google has hidden at the back of its great layers of the database.

You is probably asking what’s the cause of those Google hints. Well, there may be none! They are simply amusing activities on Google. It is some thing you may display for your buddies, provoke them, display them your geeky aspect.

In this article, I tracked down all of the amusing matters that you may do on Google and feature compiled a Google hints listing. Here it goes:

Best Google Fun Tricks List

1.Do a barrel roll

One of the maximum famous amusing Google trick is certainly asking Google to do a barrel roll. Go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” withinside the seek container and spot the magic. The web page will rotate two times after which come lower back to its unique position. Do take a look at it out.

2.Atari Breakout

The board sport would possibly have loads of iterations, however nobody can ever overlook the enjoy of the actual Atari Breakout from the ’90s. If you by no means had the chance, then don’t pass over out in this one.

Unfortunately, the sport is now no longer to be had on Google seek however you may nevertheless discover it in elgooG. On the internet site, scroll down and choose Atari Breakout Game. You will note all of the Google photos might be converted into blocks in which you may play the enduring sport. Let me recognise your most rating withinside the remarks down underneath.


Askew is some other one of the amusing Google hints. Head over to the Google seek bar and write “Askew” to peer how your web page tilts a little. It doesn’t appear as exciting as the opposite humorous Google hints, however it’s high-quality to peer the most important seek engine tilting a chunk in your desktop.


“To apprehend recursion you ought to recognise recursion.” This cool trick of Google is for the IT men out there.

Search for “recursion” on Google and you may get caught in an countless loop similar to recursion. Recursion way repeating. Google will display “did you suggest recursion?” whenever looking for recursion. Again, it’s far a amusing act of Google for all of the geeks who apprehend recursion withinside the first place.

6.Google Gravity

Gravity works in first rate ways, even at the Google homepage. Here’s how, for once, you may make Google fall for your knees –

Type in “Google Gravity” at the homepage after which click on at the “I’m feeling lucky” button. It will redirect you to one of the amusing tasks called “Google Gravity”. It is a Chrome Experiment performed with the aid of using Hi-Res.
Many fail to recognize that the Gravity trick is virtually an interactive Google seek. However, locating the menus would possibly turn out to be a tedious task.


This cool Google trick could truly please all of the Marvel lovers out there. Go to elgooG and click on on for “Thanos snap trick”. Once you’re on the seek results, bounce to Marvel’s supervillain biography at the proper-hand aspect of the web page.

Now, click on at the “Gauntlet” icon simply underneath Google Images and spot Google collapse its web page listings.


This is one of these traditional dad jokes which might be truly now no longer humorous however make you chuckle anyways. So, right here is one from Google Developers.

When you look for the word “Anagram”, Google asks you in case you meant “Nag A Ram”. It’s not anything however a made-up word, basically an Anagram of the word “Anagram”, get it?

9.Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush appears to have disappeared however you may nevertheless discover the cool Google seek on ElgooG, that’s a Google replicate created with the aid of using the All Too Flat.

Go to ElgooG and choose Zeg Rush. Several ‘o’ will begin to fall off the hunt bar and slowly devour up the complete web page, leaving not anything at the back of. It’s amusing to observe.

Alternatively, you may get admission to the hidden Google trick with the aid of using clicking on “I am feeling lucky” after typing “Zerg Rush” at the Google seek bar.

10.Google Sky

Google Sky is some other cool trick on Google that permits customers to fly via space. You can see celestial objects, consisting of stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, and the Earth’s moon thru Google sky.

11.The F.R.I.E.N.D.S trick

Google created this Easter egg at the twenty fifth anniversary of the enduring sitcom “Friends.” If I ever create a listing of cool matters to Google, this will truly hit the spot.

You certainly should look for any sitcom’s man or woman call with the word ‘buddies’ to cause the Easter egg. For example, you may look for “Ross Friends” or “Monica Friends” and it’ll display a wonderful icon for every man or woman at the proper aspect of the desktop. On a smartphone, you’ll be capable of spot it easily. Simply click on at the icon and spot the magic:


Timelapse is a brand new Google Earth function that permits customers to observe a timelapse of the way a particular place has advanced over the span of 37 years. You can use this selection to peer the improvement of metro towns over time, the deforestation, the melting of ice in Antarctica etc.

Although it’s now no longer technically a Google seek trick, it’s far regardless pretty amusing. To use the function, visit the Google Earth Timelapse internet site and pick out the place you’d want to see the timelapse of.

13.Animal Sounds

If you’re seeking out amusing matters to look on Google, then strive looking for Animal Sounds. As the hunt question speaks for itself, you may play sounds of various varieties of animals.

While at the seek results, certainly faucet at the extent icon proper subsequent to the call of the animal.

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